Blue Swimmer Crabs UAE | سرطان البحر الأزرق

Blue Swimmer Crabs UAE | سرطان البحر الأزرق




Blue crabs are found in brackish coastal lagoons and estuaries from Nova Scotia, through the Gulf of Mexico. Close relatives of the shrimp and lobster, blue crabs are prized by humans for their sweet, tender meat. These wide-ranging, ten-legged crustaceans scientifically known as Callinectes sapidus, are among the most delicious seafood cuisines. Crabs can be steamed or boiled and eaten straightaway or used in sauces or salads. Fried crab cakes, made with picked meat, bread crumbs, butter and seasoning, are a traditional favorite. Softshells are best sautéed, broiled or grilled at high heat, so shells become crisp. They’re often fried and served in sandwiches.

Crab meat brings a number of health benefits as they contain important vitamins and is low in fat. 

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